We improve environments and qualities of contemporary dance of world,
and cultivate artists capable of corresponding.

■ Education
Dancers obtain advanced and diverse dance skills.
"DANCERS' NEST" will purpose to develop dancers' technical skills and creative talents by providing various cultures and values through 
workshops and creations presented by invited high class professional artists. 
■ Exchange
Dancers are exposed and consider to multicultural.
"DANCERS' NEST" will provide opportunities that dancers deepen mutual understanding of artists from various countries, and will foster 
world-class talents. It will be a place for dancers to communicate and absorb various knowledges and experiences. 
■ Latest information
Dancers are informed how dance scenes are changed dramatically. 
"DANCERS' NEST" are supported by active professional dancers, choreographers, directors and critics as main staffs. They are in the latest dance scene and working for it regularly. They will provide dancers all new informations, knowledges and skills to survive in the dramatically changing dance world. 
■ Self-produced
Dancers learn skills to win out this dramatically changing dance era. 
"DANCERS' NEST" believes it is necessary for dancers to set up their own projects, and master communication skills to connect to other directors and producers because individual artists have supplanted dance companies as a dance creation.
"DANCERS' NEST" provides practical seminars for dancers to improve "self-produced ability.” 
■ Network
Dancers expand a field of activities and open a new door for a dance. 
A destination of "DANCERS' NEST" is not only dancers expand a field of activities, but also to be "a place where various artists can meet each other." It is also proud of having partnership agreements with organizing committees. Moreover, it will support and share knowledges and experiences to new people because a contemporary dance is not well known in Asian countries yet. 

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